Hiking Information

Meeting Time and Place

We meet twice a month with an easy hike at the beginning of the month, with a more difficult hike later in the month. Check the web site for hike info, dates, meeting place and time and trip leader.

Rules of Participation

Everyone who participates in a Lambda Hiking Club activity is asked to abide by the following:

1. Take Care of Yourself

· I will wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the activity.
· I will bring sunscreen, water, hat, and food on outdoor activities.
· I will bring any medications I might need for chronic health problems, and, if appropriate, inform the activity leader of the group of my situation. Privacy is assured.
· I understand that I am taking my own risks while participating with the group, and that I do not hold the club, the activity leader, or any other participants responsible for any or harm I might suffer.

2. Take Care of Each Other

· I will work with the activity leader to ensure the safety of all participants, and refrain from any activity that might put myself or any other person at risk of harm.
· I will do my part to make all participants feel welcome. I will respect the diversity of the members of this group concerning sexual orientation, lifestyle, physical abilities, and political and religious views.
· I will keep with the group. If I need to leave the activity early, I will notify the activity leader.

3. Take Care of the Environment

· I will not harm the plants and wildlife we encounter on our activities.
· I will not litter.
· I will keep my clothes on - sometimes we just have to remind folks about this one. .